Family medicine

The Support You Need

It's about relationships and this ability to make that connection in the  moment, is what defines us as family physicians.  No one does that as well as we do it here at MediMax.  With a family medicine practitioner on your side, you have a partner to  guide you and help you manage your health.  We develop personal relationships with our patients and build a history with you. Not only are we a great resource for preventive care, but our relationship with you as the patient and our insight into your health history is crucial when irregular symptoms -  physical or emotional, point to potential diseases and conditions.

We're adapting our practices to be more effective patient-centered medical homes and we're working smarter with the newest technology at our disposal. Our role is unique and it is critical. We're remaking the system into one that's truly about health and caring. Although a job can be frustrating for us, this is not a job -- it is a calling. It is sacred how we do what we do. The principle behind family medicine is all about the patient — YOU!


Pediatrician Examining Infant