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Campaign launches to highlight importance of safe and ongoing access to family physicians

We are pleased to share our new campaign informing the public that many family physicians are now available by phone and video appointment, in addition to in-person if required. The campaign will launch province-wide on Friday. Thanks goes to Dr. Justine Spencer who represents all family physicians in the TV public service announcement (PSA) and informational video, both of which are posted to the updated My Family Doctor Cares website. The TV PSA will run on Global Television from April 17 for six weeks. It will also appear on CTV’s digital news channel. We are placing digital ads on a range of online news and health websites and will be running the PSA as a pre-roll on You Tube. A pre-roll ad is one that precedes whatever video you’re watching; it has to be watched until the end, at which point you are returned to your original video. We had a very successful rate of people “watching to the end” with our previous campaign PSA and we are expecting the same this time around. Please check out the updated website and feel free to share the 15 second ad, or the longer 50 second video, on your own social channels or website. You will find a "share" icon at the top right of the videos or can use this link: https://vimeo.com/407743567 We are also creating materials for your use in your own communities and on social media, which we will post to the members’ site next week. In addition to social media posts you can share, we will provide a media release template that you can use to reach out to your local media. The more ways we have to let the public know that family doctors are open and available, through phone, video and in-person appointments, the more successful our campaign will be. Thank you for your support.